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Who doesn’t like food? Especially a really good food made from high quality ingredients. A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit one of the best South Montenegrin restaurants to try famous fish dishes. To be honest, I’m not the biggest lover of fish, but what I tried there made me love mysterious sea food!

Let’s get started with reviewing Montenegrin fish restaurant “Grande”!

This is the place where you are not just eating the food you ordered but also enjoy the exotic beauty of the local nature. Near it, there’s the island called Ada Bojana in the Ulcinj Municipality

Ada means island in Turkish language

The restaurant has a lucky location – it’s built on the shore of the famous Bojana river.

This place is visited by a lot of tourists from different countries – they have desire to see all the beauty of unusual river and try some dishes cooked from fresh fish. If you rent a car to be able to travel all around the country, and you visit this restaurant, you don’t have to worry about your car – the “Grande” territory has a big parking just in front of the restaurant’s entrance.

The next thing I loved was a lovely staff and nice service. The “Grande” has two places where people can eat their food. The first one is directly inside the restaurant, the second looks like the terrace overlooking the river. The tables are very big so 4-6 persons can easily sit there and they won’t feel uncomfortable.

The story about the waiter is the greatest one! The restaurant’s staff impressed me a lot – nice waiter offered us the freshest fish they had that day. He also described how it can be prepared for different type of the dish the customer wants. If you want to order something that contains fish, the waiter will definitely ask you about your preferences. Well, it doesn’t look like he persuades the customer to buy the cheapest restaurant dish. The waiter’s just trying to find the type of fish you would enjoy – that’s why I liked the excellent service of this restaurant the most!

Like I said before I wasn’t such a big lover of the seafood, but in the “Grande” I was able to try the most delicious thing in the world – spaghetti with mussels!

The portion was pretty big for one person, I had a lot of spaghetti on my plate and delicious mussels! Also they add some spices and sauce – these components let the spaghetti avoid being overdried.

Next thing – the drinks! When I visited the “Grande” I just had some lemonade. But you can also order some coffee, tea or any other drink you like.
When I got there second time, we were offered to take some bread with Montenegrin special sauce made from olive oil, garlic and some really strong spices. You can just spread you bread with that stuff which was really good and helpful for my throat because I had had caught a cold before it.

Let’s sum everything up! “Grande” was quite impressive for me, there was such a good customer service and fresh food! Also I forgot to mention – the staff is able to speak English so there won’t be any problems if you are from another country.



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