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Cooking and all bakery products are definitely one of my favourite “home” stuff. This is a good possibility to show how creative you are. In this article I’m going to describe you a recipe of thin pancakes or crepes which can be used by any people. Besides, you don’t need special household appliances to mix the ingredients together.
To prepare lot’s of crepes, you will need:

  • flour
  • 4 large eggs
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 600 ml milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • solid lard (instead of it, you are able to use any oil to not let your crepes burn)

Step one

First, you need to take a large bowl and mix 4 eggs, sugar and salt together. The resulting mass looks like this:

Step two

Before adding milk to the main mass, you can also heat it up ( don’t boil it! ). But it’s not necessary.
After you poured milk into a cooking bowl, take the flour you prefer and add it into a bowl, slowly stirring the components. I never count how much flour I use for preparing the crepes, just add it until you get creamed mass. It’s better use tablespoons, adding the flour step-by-step – just to make sure that all the ingredients will be mixed well. At the end of the process, your cooking mass will look like this:

Step three

It’s time to heat your pan up! The main problem I’m always doing is literally making the pan too warmed – if I do this, I’ll definitely burn one or two crepes.
After the pan is warm but not too hot, add the oil you prefer, or just put one piece of solid lard (like I’ve mentioned above) on a surface and grease it.

Step four

Use your soup ladle to cover all pan’s surface with thin layer of creamed mass. After a few minutes, just turn the crepe to the other side and make sure that the upside has been completely fried. For doing this step more comfortable you are able to use wooden or other material spatula which you prefer the most.

Step five

So the last step depends on your individual preferences – this is a good chance to decorate the crepes you prepared or just add your favourite jam, sour cream or CHEESE! I always choose sour cream because I think in most cases crepes are something that should be eaten in a salty interpretation though. But if you are fancier of sweet thin pancakes, you can easily stop your selection on different chocolate products such as Nutella.

Enjoy your crepes!

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