January 16, 2016 Ksen Zag 0Comment

I already have two recipes on my blog and this day I decided to write something different according to the new year, new emotions and new impressions!

January is so weird as it has always been. The mornings are so dark and cold so you want just sit and drink some warm tea thinking about your life, prospects and future. This month is quite rich on rains – Montenegro has become a new England recently. But there are some days when people just go outside, enjoying the loveliest walk with their kids running around. That day I walked with my family as well and we caught some nice things near the seaside.

The sky was absolutely amazing inspite of bad weather that had been destroying happy and holiday mood of people. That day radiated special energy – there were tender sunrise and fiery sunset so the contrast between them was more than obvious.

Marina became a place where all season coloures gathered together to connect with beautiful Mediterranean nature. That cold day was full of magic – people just left their houses and came to take a look at the nature that had drumed them up.

It was so nice to see people walking, chatting and stopping just to look around and watch the nature’s life. As the time was passing by, the day was close to its end. The stars and moon started to shining filling our city with white light full of magic. The night’s life started, but that is another story…

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