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In this article I’d like to share with you my top 6 tips in learning English language that are very effective and easy. They are all checked and based on my own experience!

Many years ago I couldn’t even write in English because my grammar was so bad, not to mention the speaking skills. That was the last time I felt myself non-confident and I suddenly decided to improve my English skills. These are my tips how to REALLY increase your English level for FREE!

1. Watching films/cartoons

You might have thought learning English was difficult but I’ll make you glad – this process is very enjoyable! Watching films (or cartoons) is a small part of it where you teach yourself how to “hear” the language. For better understanding the main characters, there are a few important rules:

  • You should only watch American films, because if you watch Harry Potter in English for the very first time it’ll be very difficult to understand British accent. But I highly recommend you to watch cartoons FIRST because the dialogues are a lot easier!
  • Watch films with only ENGLISH subtitles. This way you’ll be able to read and listen the whole process. You can also notice that you unconsciously “catch” some words or expressions.

2. Listen to music

Just find the music you enjoy – but this music should be in English! Listen to the songs endless times and then just find the lyrics of that song. I used to search music videos on YouTube only with the lyrics of the song. And then I listened only that particular song for a few days and that way I learned lots of new words.
The next step is grammar! Yeah sometimes the grammar in the modern songs is not so perfect – that’s why you should “work” with that song. Pay attention to the using of different tenses, think about their usage in the particular sentence etc.

3. Surround yourself with English

Change your phone/computer language to English. Some people say that you should decide how much time a week you need for studying English, but I’ll say just one thing – if you REALLY want to increase you language skills, live with English, non stop, 24/7!

4. Start writing

You can write everything you wish – it can be your personal diary or even a book! Just write in English, don’t be afraid to make grammar mistakes!

5. Start thinking in English

Change your thinking, don’t translate the words, just THINK in English as if you’ve been a native English speaker for your entire life!

6. Start reading a book

Find your favourite book in English version and start reading it. Find the words that are not familiar to you and translate them. DON’T try to memorise them!!!!!! You’ll be able to remember new words and expressions when you don’t think about that. Just keep reading several times and enjoy in it!

So these were my top 6 tips for increasing your English skills. It may take you some time – usually 3 months or more, it depends on your desire and aspiration to do that. And remember: don’t stop learning new things including English language, if you do so, you’ll lose all your skills in the future.

Also, I’d like to share the films that are very easy to watch in English:

The Tourist


We Are The Millers

Alice In Wonderland

Letters To Juliet

Maze Runner

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

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