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Starting this article, I’m thinking about how we can change our lifestyles by drinking healthy beverages. The things you put inside your body can completely change your appearance. I decided to combine three types of drinks I like the most – Coffee, Rosebuds Tea and Matcha Tea. Each drink has its own features so you can improve the physical and mental state.
Three similar drinks, diversified effects, but so healthy:

Number one:

Coffee from natural coffee beans

I have started drinking coffee quite recently – before it happened, this kind of drink had been completely new and unexplored thing. Getting older, being a student and constantly working – these things forced me to try coffee. For the first period of time, I used to drink instant coffee which was actually so unhealthy. After this, my family and I have discovered the new side of drinking coffee.

We started buying NATURAL coffee beans to make a coffee by ourselves. That was the time I felt the real taste of natural coffee. Before making it, you just need to mill the beans – they have to be like brown powder. Then you just put it into your coffee maker.

Number two:

Rosebuds tea

This is literally the best way to improve your skin condition, to solve all the problems with stress, to get all the vitamins we need and just endless possibilities for your body and mental health. First time ordering wasn’t so good as it had been expected – I got bad rosebuds, they weren’t fresh (as they has to be fresh) and the tea had brown colour and smelled very odd. Since then, I’ve decided to find new rosebuds with better quality. Now I buy my rosebuds for making tea here

This is basically what I got:

Excellent quality rosebuds gave my tea light pink colour, the taste is soo good and fresh!
I read rosebuds were also used for making healthy face masks but I haven’t tried it yet. According to the information about a lot of minerals in it, rosebuds will help you to make your skin beautiful, working from two ways – inside and outside. So I highly recommend this healthy tea to change your life and body.

I also found this article very helpful and informative:

Rosebuds Tea β€” a Key to Beauty and Happiness

Number three:

Matcha tea

If you want to lose your weigh using natural way – this is literally what you need. Matcha tea taste is enough unusual when you drink it for the first time. But after a few sips, it seems pretty nice. Actually, I found it quite delicious – it just has the taste of grass.

Matcha tea is actually very healthy, also has a lot of vitamins and minerals. It’s definitely better than applying the tablets from pharmacy because this is natural way of getting the resources for us. It’s also very high quality antioxidant.

Tea is made from Matcha powder – I usually put half teaspoon for one cup because it’s very concentrated.

So here it – my three ways to change everything in your life, to be positive and healthy person!

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