April 3, 2016 Ksen Zag 0Comment

Warm and sunny spring morning has finally arrived after long time of changeable weather. March had been supposed to be warmer but the mother nature gave us unpredictable surprise. First weeks had been extremely hot than ever but it all suddenly changed – heavy rains, cold nights, gray mornings filled the air with sadness.

April has finally started and the weather and the whole atmosphere have become more summery. A few days ago my family and I had a lovely walk near the sea – we also had the opportunity to see how the nature has changed.

The walking day started and we hadn’t expected it would be so hot. The sunshine covered all the trees and bushes radiating nice green light.

To be honest, it was the last day of school and I was so tired so my only desire was to finally go home and take a good sleep. When the walking started, just a few minutes later I could feel myself fresher because of the light breeze. When you live near the sea, there is ALWAYS a breeze which can probably annoy specific type of people. But I quite like it.

Well, most people prefer summer to spring and it’s completely understandable – sunny days without school/university, having fun at the beach with friends, warm nights – it sounds pretty good. But spring time, which is only starting, creates the unique atmosphere. Don’t get it wrong, I like summer so much but only the spring can show the revival of all the plants.

Also, it worth to say – the see was so calm and had like mixture of green, blue and grey colours. White boats and sea were handsome together. I think it’s a type of different things that have to be together, they like complement each other.

I really enjoyed taking photos of flowers and trees decorated in a crazy but stunning way – with stones! They were massive so I wasn’t even able to remove or replace one of them. But, anyway, the stones made the photos look more professionally and luxurious.

Well, it’s pretty much everything for today. I hope you enjoyed the photos which has been edited with VSCOCAM – my new March favourite. Have a nice day wherever you are in the world!


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